Sandra Bullock


I love food I don't over eat or over think about it but I love learning new ingredients, different food. I have a love/hate relationship with cooking - Hate because of laziness, love because I love food

My fave food now is Fajitas

The is a restaurant called Anat that caters for Indian food and they have this special that tastes like Fajitas and I love it.

No wonder I gained 5 kgs this month.
Sandra Bullock


I finally caught up with my fave show Scandal. I am loving this season. It started slow but now its seems like season 1 - 2 Scandal. Its weird but as an Olitz fan I want Mellie and Fitz to have a relationship. The is more to Fitz than Olivia, Come on Shonda.
Sandra Bullock

Taylor Swift's 1989

I know a lot of people are harsh on Taylor. They dislike that she uses her relationships on songs or find her annoying for other reasons but I like her. The reasons why people dislike her is the reasons I like her. She sings about her relationships and what she went through its like therapeutic to her its not that big a deal. I know she gets criticized for blaming the guy on her songs but come on how many of us are always blaming the guy in our break ups? This album was not about blaming the guy but reflecting on that relationship and she does that way without being mean or rude but with some clarity . Like thousands of people I downloaded her 1989 album on Friday and what can I say the girl delivers. People may hate her but her songs are catchy and relateable. I am listening to her album for like 2964567 in two days. Yeah that is how I spent my weekend with a Taylor Swift album.

Fave songs
Welcome To New York (I used to hate this song but listening to the album as a whole I am loving it)
Style [lol Taylor at least be a bit mysterious about who the song is about}
All You had to do was stay
Wildest Dreams
Bad Blood
I know places